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Industrial Automation Systems
Industrial Automation Systems
Industrial Automation Systems

Industrial Automation Systems


AC Servo System :

Minas A4
Much quicker and more Preciese
. 2 Mbps of high Speed pulse input as a standered
. 1KHz of velocity responce frequency
. 2500ppr incremental encoder and 17 bit absolute/
  incrementel encoder
. High speed positioning with high functionality real
  -time auto gain tuning
. With/without holding break
. IP65 compliant motor

Minas A5
Space saving with high performance
. 2.0KHz fastest velocity response frequency
. Smooth operetion and reduced vibretion at stoping
. Light weight and moare compact motor with innovetion
  core & encoder
. Accurate positioning in a short time
. proprietary signal process gives 1.4 million pulses
  with 20bit encoder
. Most stable speed, Lower cogging & low noise
. I/O operate at high speed of 4Mpps
. Auto/manual notch filter & damping filter

Minas A5
Minas A4p
Simple Positioning Control
. Fastest servo core from A4 series
. Built in internal position mode
. Simple & low-cost System without using a position
  unit or a pulse generetor
. Simple operetion by consol
. Able to connect with absolute encoder
. I/F command type with built in position
. 64 internal position by 6 bit input &3-6 bit can selected by
. No complex pulse count calculetion with " JOG Function"
. by using a handy operetor
. Easy to use servo gain-tuning with Real time auto tuning

Minas A4p
Minas E
Space saving with high performence
. Exclusive design for positioning with super compact frame
. Best fit to small drives by down size of 47% of our
  conventional models
. High precision positioning with resonance suppression filters
. Real time, auto gain tuning for position control and velocity   control
. Anty- Vibretion control system
. Easy - to set console
. 2500 P/R encremental encoder with 10000 resolution

Minas E
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